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A short ecology lesson today ???? (don’t worry, it will be very short).

We use as wood pellets as combustible material, which are produced by compressing and assembling clean sawdust coming directly from sawmills (no waste wood with added paint etc…).

Heating with wood is particularly important if we want to limit our CO2 emissions.
Indeed, combusting wood will release as much CO2 as the tree has been able to absorb during its whole lifetime, or as much as it would release through natural decomposition.
This is why it is said that heating with wood is CO2 neutral if the costs of transport of wood are not taken into account and if the forests are managed in a sustainable way.

Therefore, it is recommended to give priority to wood from local and well-managed forests. For this reason Edelsun advocates the use of EN+-labelled Swiss wood pellets, which also favours the creation of employment in the domestic wood industry.

For those who are interested, here is a small extract fof the comprehensive documents available from Energie Bois Suisse.

See you next week for a course on radiation to find out why we neither heat the birds ????❄️