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Thanks to its specially adapted technology, the Edelsun outdoor heating system heats by radiation.

In contrast to convection or transmission by conduction, radiation propagates through the air practically without heat loss, thanks to electromagnetic waves (mainly infrared).

In analogy with the heat emitted by the sun, it is a flux that does not directly heat the ambient air but rather the various surfaces it encounters: bodies, floors, walls or objects.

It is a so-called gentle heat because it quickly provides a feeling of comfort to those nearby, without the unpleasant sensation of air flow.

If our heating solution is to be installed under a pergola, please keep one side open for good air renewal, the walls of the pergola as well as the roof and the floor will gradually warm up and will increase the temperature felt by the people under the pergola.

Our system, with its very rapid rise in radiation power, is particularly suitable for this type of use.

The technical concept of our outdoor heating solution generating radiant heating is using 100% local, renwable energy, neutral in CO2 and therefore is respectful of our planet.